Yesterday we had our first stop of the Small Groups Tour. The whole reasoning behind the tour is to engage with the local community and hopefully educate them on the reality of bullying within our society today. What I wasn;t expecting – but delighted by nonetheless – was that I would be educated by it too.

The event was held in the house of a lovely couple, and another five people were in attendance. The first I asked them to do was introduce themselves, and what experience they had of bullying, either as a target, bully or bystander. It is a fundamental belief of mine that everyone has experienced bullying in one shape of another, even if they don’t actually realise it. But, what I wasn’t expecting was how intensely people would think about whether they had actually experienced bullying or not. One lady initially said she hadn’t, but after talking for a couple of minutes she realised that indeed she had. Often I have casual conversations about the work I do and during these conversations, I’ll occasionally find people say almost flippantly that they have never had experience of bullying. So, it was a delight to see people dig deep and actually think about how it might have touched their life in some way.

I couldn’t be happier with how the first stop of the tour went. I hope it is a standard that continues onto future stops

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