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Thank you so much for your interest in Strength Restored. We are an anti-bullying organisation based in the heart of Leeds, West Yorkshire. We are currently constructing our new website. In the meantime please have a browse of this page. If you would like to get in touch, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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About Us

Our Mission Statement

We Will Restore Strength To
The Bullied
The Bullies
And Communities

The Bullied

We want to restore strength to the bullied. With over 140,000 children and young people being bullied on a daily basis, we have an epidemic on our hands. We want to strip away all the myths and ideas that surround bullying in order to get to the truth. It is only by doing this that we can help these children and young people not only get away from under the spectre of bullying, but support them in recovering from the scars of bullying, so they can thrive and be the person they were meant to be.

The Bullies

Despite what we might want to think, bullies are not evil. In fact, it could be argued that they are as much a victim of bullying as the person they decided to target. We believe the most effective way to defeat bullying is to undemonise the bully. We will empower them to work through the issues in their lives that caused them to bully someone else.


We believe the most under-used and under-equipped sections of society in the fight against bullying are our communities, both within a school environment and the wider communities in general.  We want to equip children and young people to stand up and target bullying within their midst. We want to empower parents so that they know not only how to support their child who has become a target of bullying, but also how to deal with a child who has become a bully themselves. We also want to give support, knowledge and resources to any person or organisation that works with children and/or young people, so they, in turn, can support those they work with who are being or have been bullied or are even bullying within their setting.

The Team

Tom Turner

Tom Turner

Founder & CEO

Tom has going on 24 years worth of experience of working with children and young people. Having started when he himself was only 11.

He has worked in various roles, from babysitting, helping run his churches Kids Church, as well as various youth groups. Including various Friday night youth groups, a political consultation group for young people to have their say on matters concerning young people that were currently going through parliament, and the UK Youth Parliament.

For a number of years worked as a mentor for troubled young people who were at risk of falling out of the system. While volunteering he went through Level 3 training in mentorship.

While still at school Tom was trained up as a mediator and helped make a difference in the lives of his fellow students who had fallen into conflict. He was even featured in a local ITV program about the mediation training.

Tom has studied both Child Development and Child Psychology and hopes to take this line of study further in the future. In the meantime, he has gained a Level 2 Counselling certificate and will be working towards Level 3 very soon.

Tom’s real experience, however, is first hand. Having been bullied from the age of 11 through to 19. It was this the finally lead him to set up Strength Restored in order to make a difference in the lives.

Scott Riley

Scott Riley

Chair of Trustees

Scott’s full-time work is in the IT world. Though this may seem worlds away from helping run an anti-bullying organisation, Scott’s heart for empowering people should not be underestimated. Scott brings the knowledge of building, equipping and mentoring many teams over the years, and his experience of being a father of two.  With Scott’s help Strength Restored is going from strength to strength.

Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch

Creative Trustee

The world knows Stephen better as DJ Agent M, a world-class DJ, producer and musical entrepreneur. With the knowledge Stephen has with his work in the music industry, he has proven invaluable to the mission of Strength Restored. But Stephen also brings with him decades of experience working with children. Simply put, he is a legend.

Join The Team

We are currently looking out for three passionate men or women to join our team of Trustees. If you are interested in joining the battle against bullying and have expertise in Law, Accounting and Finance, or Organisation and Administration visit our jobs page to read Job Descriptions and apply. A couple of hours out of your life a month could turn another person’s life around completely!

We are also planning to build a team of Young Trustees. If you are or know someone aged 10-18 click more.




We would love to see you at any of our upcoming events. Please note that any events which are marked as waitlist may be subject to date and venue change. By booking a waitlist ticket you are putting yourself first in line for actual tickets.

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Small Group Visit

5 5 1
Tom recently visited me and a small group of people from our church to talk to us about Strength Restored. Was quite shocking listening to the stats, and some of Tom's life experiences. Was a good opportunity to raise awareness and brought up some discussions within the group about some of their experiences. It was interesting to hear some of the examples of bullying and the impact on not just the person being bullied, but on family and community lives. Thanks so much for coming and spending the time with us and educating us on some of the ways that we can help.

From Small Acorns

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What Tom has set out to do is amazing, reaching out to those who are bullied, those who bully and supporting the communities bullying affects. This organisation may be a small acorn right now, but in time it will be a big oak tree that will provide protection from the storm, provide strong roots and have branches spreading wide.


5 5 1
It’s so easy to have it in your heart to make a difference but to actually take that desire and put it into action is another thing. To choose to do it in close partnership with the people you want to help is something else. To manage to do that with passion and empathy, while at the same time having fun and engaging with those same people takes things to a whole different level. Tom did that and so much more at the Parents event on Bullying on Tuesday evening. It was great to learn so much that will help me in my own work with vulnerable children and I encourage anyone with a heart for not just their own child but others, to get in touch with Tom and Strength Restored and become part of their story.


If you would like to contact us please fill out the form below. Alternatively, you can write to us, or ring us. Further contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Strength Restored
Third Floor
Unit J
Westminster Building
31 New York Street

Tel:  07724 338766

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