When we think about silence, we rightfully think of peace and contentment, rest and relaxation. This is not the silence I want to talk about in this blog post. No, I want to talk about the silence we see when we forget that people don’t know what is going on inside our minds. Especially in the cases where people are seeking something.

Often, I think we take for granted that people know what our reaction will be, what we would likely say in any situation. But we frequently overlook that people might have an inner voice that has a louder voice than reason.

Take for example when I was being bullied. I was being told virtually every single day that I was worthless and should kill myself. Now, when the bullying ended, those voices didn’t just disappear. They were ingrained in my brain. I was surrounded by people who loved me, but I was never told by anybody that I was worthwhile and valued. This is not to say that those around me didn’t believe it, of course, they did! But, they assumed that this was something that could be taken for granted. It was not. So, every time someone didn’t speak out and say this it was replaced by the other inner-voice telling me I was worthless, every time I made a mistake, it was there. Every time someone got a little upset with me, it was there. It was only when I moved into a culture which deliberately spoke love and life into people that I was able to start battling the other voices, to the point where they are pretty much non-existent now.

So, I urge you today, don’t fall back into the laziness off saying nothing at all, don’t leave it up to somebody else. It is everybody’s responsibility to speak life into people. Do it today!

Tom Turner

Tom Turner

Founder & CEO

Strength Restored is Tom’s baby. Born out of 8 years of being the target of bullies, Tom’s heart burns with a passion for seeing the lives of anyone touched by bullying turned around. Tom started working with children when he was only eleven himself, he then expanded into working with young people too, back in 2003. Tom has had the luck of being able to see bullying from all its angles, for not only was he the target of bullying, he also worked as a teaching assistant for a time, and so saw it from the teacher’s point of view too. All this experience has helped him construct Strength Restored, and truly he believes it could make a real impact.

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